True Confession Thursday: Day Late and a Dollar Short

The other night Strawberry laid in bed tearfully lamenting that *gasp* his plans for the day didn’t come to fruition.

For what it's worth, this kid has been a worrier  since infancy.  He literally was asking "Why is the baby crying?  He's ruining the picture?" here.

For what it’s worth, this kid has been a worrier since infancy. He literally was asking “Why is the baby crying? He’s messing up the picture?” here.

Well my copper topped, bundle of love – life happens and most of the time our well-laid plans just go to the crapper.  Bummer of a lesson to learn at *almost* 9 (his words).

But alas, this is the story of this week.  On Tuesday, I found 20 spare minutes in my evening. TWENTY GLORIOUS MINUTES.  Before anything could change I grabbed my workout clothes and was slipping on my shoes on to work out on my fabulous new slide board while the kids were happily building (actually what were they building???) nearby so we could all talk and hang out together.  Then a stray dog walked into the garage.

45 minutes later we found his owners and my window was lost…

The other day it took 3 different attempts to run 4 miles.

Yes, 3 attempts for 4 miles.

And the entire time I felt guilty.  Why?  Because I remember reading some article in a running magazine years ago telling me that any run under 30 minutes is basically a waste of time.  Sure, it might not be the most effective workout when training for a marathon, but somehow I internalized it that runs under 30 minutes were pointless.

That article, or the fact that my Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin feeds are full of people running approximately 10,326.5 miles every other day (bless you who can do this, but it’s clouding my judgement in my reality).

got-guilt.jpg w=584I’m kind of ashamed of myself that I’ve held onto this stupid rule/mindset for so long.

“Oh I only have 25 minutes – not worth it to run...”

Oh man – that was only 22 minutes and I have so much to do, that was a waste of a run…”

Who am I and why am I letting some stupid running magazine article tell me which workouts are good and which ones aren’t?

For what it’s worth, my very broken up 4, pithy 4-mile run that spanning 4 hours was exactly what I needed.  I finally tested my speed without breaking my legs, I got little mental breaks from some things that were draining and I still squeezed in a game of football at the park with the boys before the sun set.

What silly rules have you ever gotten hung up on?

Give me your best “squeezing it in” advice….I need it!

Cross Training on the Cheap

As I mentioned, I’m still working on getting my back/hips/hammy back in shape.  Basically my SI joint is out of whack and what seemed like it might be high hamstring tendinitis, but is actually coming from a hamstring adductor irritation  Bored yet?  So am I.

I’m working to strengthen a lot of other smaller muscle groups while letting everything else heal and align so this junk doesn’t happen again.  This involves a lot of cross training which isn’t always the funnest and requires lots of equipment which can be expensive.

How have I been keeping costs down?  I have some crazy gym membership deal that’s $40 a year (CRAZY) which helps, but it’s not always convenient.  Plus the idea of cramming into a sweaty room with 60 people I don’t know at an awkward hour of the day that’s always totally inconvenient isn’t always my cup of tea.

I’ve been trying all sorts of other things:  roller blading, running drills outside in the cul-de-sac (the neighbors don’t think it’s weird at all), and one questionable afternoon that left me shamefully watching a YouTube video of a dude in a room with a  “Beast Mode” poster and 1990′s motivational mantras flashing across the screen.  #theshame


One of the more reasonable suggestions was to get on a slide board.

IMG_5707Did you know that for the average price of a slide board and booties I could get about 67 specialty lattes from Starbucks.  And I’m cheap. And I love Starbucks.

So with the help of Scott over at Coastal Health and Fitness and the website he provided – I decided to get serious and make my own homemade slide board.  You can read the link on how to do this, but I spent about $40 on supplies to put this together.  Had my drill been a little more cooperative, it should have only taken me about 30 minutes to assemble this bad boy.  I pretty much followed the directions (so I’ll save you the step by step guide since that’s already been done), except for adding more duct tape, because let’s face it, you can never have too much duct tape.

Fun with sharp & heavy objects!  No fingers were harmed in the making of this slide board.  Whew!

Fun with sharp & heavy objects! No fingers were harmed in the making of this slide board. Whew! Ignore the shims next to me, those were for the boys to play with, not essential for this project.

In the end I was left with one mighty functional slide board…please note, this doesn’t fold up very easily, so this will be my “garage kept” slide board, but could easily slide under a bed or couch if you needed to.

It may not be pretty but it works perfectly....

It may not be pretty but it works perfectly….

Then came the bootie problem (this in me trying to help fix my booty problem).  Thanks to the power of the Google, I discovered I had what I needed in my closet and could easily substitute slide board booties with a pair of SmartWool socks over my shoes. #cheapwinsagain

Ta Da!!!!  Reduce, REUSE, recycle and FREE

Ta Da!!!! Reduce, REUSE, recycle and FREE

Slide board for the win – and my pocketbook is that much heavier….which is awesome because I’m going to Paso Robles this weekend and I can put the savings into the all important “wine fund.”

What’s your favorite cross training tool?

Have you ever made homemade cross training equipment?

Remember When?

Remember when I used to blog?  

Remember when I used to log miles?

Remember when winter was actually winter?

Well the truth is I can hardly remember any of those things.  Other truths….

Blog:  It’s been busy, the boys have been busy and we’ve been a hustle and bustle of activity, so when I’ve found downtime, I’m pretty much crashing hard.  There hasn’t been too much to say, so I haven’t been saying much.

Log:  My SI joint and hips are still a bit wonky.  It’s not great and it’s not terrible either – it’s still a work in progress.  But I’m still scaling back to just get everything fixed.  This means fewer and slower miles than in recent history and lots of cross training and weight lifting, and trips to the PT.  I’ll write more on the specifics of what I’m doing later this week.

I am the messiest Body Pumper.  140 tricep reps - I died.

I am the messiest Body Pumper. 140 tricep reps – I died.

My mileage has gone down to 10-20 miles a week.  My pace has dropped down 60-90 seconds per mile and I’ve been trying (key word TRYING) to keep it flatter on my runs.  This proves to be difficult in the hilly area where I live.

My last run elevation....pretty much par for the course.

My last run elevation….pretty much par for the course.

That said, I have been able to complete two marathons in 2014.  Too bad they were just How I Met Your Mother marathons on Netflix.

Dear Netflix, I love you and your past season repository....

Dear Netflix, I love you and your past season repository….

I did hit up a local race, but just to voluntear (EAR + Mikey…get it?), not to run at the Run Disney kid’s races last weekend.

So much fun high fiving kids, cheering and handing out these bad boys to little bambinos.

So much fun high fiving kids, cheering and handing out these bad boys to little bambinos.

I’m not going to lie, being around the races made me sad since last year I was in great shape and have avowed my vengeance to Tinkerbell…this year I just feel old, creaky and slow comparatively.

Winter:  Uhhh so compared to the rest of the country, we’ve been unseasonably warm and dry this winter.  This means running at sunset to try and stave off the heat (seriously 80′s mid-day most days lately).  It also means low, slow miles with the boys tagging along on bikes or on their feet.

With no major goals in sight, I’m enjoying being able to spend that workout time with them and not worrying about speed or distance.  It allows time for fabulous conversations like school, life, and wondering about the mysteries of the world such as how much do people fart a day.  Parenting boys is the best.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.15.20 AM.png

What’s your running log been like lately?  

True Confession Thursday: Revolution

Today I opted to skip out on the ol’ run and do some cross training.  Given it was:

A- Too hot to run at lunch [*ducking*....I know...I know....]

B- Kids are on break and around


C- I still am babying the almost, but not quite 100% hammy and have felt guilty reviewing my cross-training efforts from 2013.

Being the glass of class that I am, I hit up Amazon prime and found a Jillian Michaels video (two steps up from the Youtube vide with a “best mode” poster I found last time I was suddenly inspired to spontaneously cross train) and set out.  Before I could enjoy 3 minutes of it, I was quickly reminded why cross training at home with kids is always interesting.

At one point I got hot and took my shirt off….

Chocolate:  “Mom [points to TV screen] she has packs on her stomach, where are yours?

Vanilla quickly joins the conversation – “Yeah, you’re right, I don’t see any packs.  That’s no good.”

Strawberry:  “She has bumps on her back, are those packs?

The conversation continued:

Strawberry:  “Remember when I was going to eat my M&M’s for this New Year’s?”

Chocolate:  “That’s an amazing New Year’s Revolution.

Eventually one child wandered into the room and promptly stripped down to nothing asking questions about football butt naked and others drifted in and out of synchronized workout efforts.

This one made it through most of the workout with me and stayed *mostly* clothed the entire time...

This one made it through most of the workout with me and stayed *mostly* clothed the entire time…

Is it frustrating refereeing arguments instead of getting my plyometric exercises juuuuuust right?  Um yeah, sometimes, but with smiles, giggles and conversations like these how could I ever have a boring workout?

What’s the funniest thing someone told you while working out lately?

Watching the Ball Drop

The other day I walked into my local running store and was confronted by the question no chaotically busy running mom wants to hear.

“So what are you training for?

Umm….errr….binge cooking?
Marathon present wrapping?
10k days of not running?

I spent some serious time cooking roast beast for the 20+ Who's in my Whoville

I spent some serious time cooking roast beast for the 20+ Who’s in my Whoville.

But in all serious, my personal guide to surviving the holidays…

Run to keep sane, but not at the cost of my sanity.

I did decide to mix it up a bit and change things a little bit more by doing the following:

Run Away.  When the kids ask where I’m going when I head out for a run I usually yell, “I’m running away….[long pause]…but don’t worry I’ll run back.”  But one day I decided not to actually loop back and ended up putting a call in about 2 miles in “I’m running west until the big ball in the sky drops.”   About 7.5 miles later I got picked up at Starbucks and was sure to stink up Chipotle on the way home post-run with the fam.  They were only moderately embarrassed by my sweaty state of affairs and forgave it after one taste of guacamole.  I wish I were sorry but I wasn’t.

A Christmas miracle!  TP in the port-a-potty on the run!!!

A Christmas miracle! TP in the port-a-potty on the run!!!

Change the Surface.  While everyone was seeking out a very white Christmas, I was checking out my very white [cap] Christmas by bounding around with some fantastic views and SOFT surfaces to run on hitting up a long stretch of the coast for a very, merry run.  As an added bonus, my creaky bones were happy for the padded surface.


Go Up, Then Come Down.  I had some new tires that looked a little TOO clean (I felt like a New Year runner fraud with my brand, spankin’ new shoes) so I decided to get them a little dirty….

New Balance I love you, but serious ANOTHER set of white shoes designed for long distance runners?  *le sigh*

New Balance I love you, but serious ANOTHER set of white shoes designed for long distance runners? *le sigh*

Eventually I got them nice and dirty by going up, up, and away on some trails….

So pretty....even the fog in the valleys....

So pretty….even the fog in the valleys….

So for now, I’m just running to run….I have a few things out on the horizon, but as for now, I’m ditching the regular routes that have gotten beyond run of the mill (all puns intended) for me and mixing it up with some new approaches.

What’s been boring you lately?

How do you mix up your runs?

True Confession Thursday: The Void

The last time I ran was like 4 days ago or something like that.  So I could write something trite about it all, instead I’ll go all Virgina Woolf stream of consciousness on you and let you into the brief world that is Striding Mom today….

As I type this I’m trying to let my coffee kick in and the sun rise enough for me to safely sneak in a few miles.

I had great plans for this week to get my butt back on track with running.

But instead, I’m going to….

Thank Pinterest for increasing mom-guilt everywhere and make 95% of feel like crap on the last day of school before the holidays when we bring in “our things”.


Be a “bad runner” because I let the chaos of the last few weeks not let me run.

I love my kids.

Secretly shame myself for letting social media tell me I should be running at least 30 miles a week.

Why do kids whine/fight so much?

Ground myself and remember that I have an awfully big plate compared to many and it’s awfully full at the moment with 3 immediate family birthdays in this house, Christmas and end of the year chaos.

Why run when there are Cowboys cakes to be made, and eaten?

Why run when there are Cowboys cakes to be made, and eaten?  Yes I bought it, but then I decorated it…this mom has half the time to do all of the work.

Drink another cup of coffee.

Add “take time to reflect and move forward as a family” to the to-do list this weekend (yes I realize the irony of this).

Oh yeah, I should go run now….

What do you need to get off your chest now about fitting it all in?

Renegade Santa Run 10k: Race Review

6.2 Miles
Santa Strides

Some days, you just wake up with a bad ‘tude dudes, no?

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.51.33 PM.png

With a wakeup like this, you shouldn’t be shocked when I ran up to some dude dressed at mile 5 at the Renegade Race Series Santa Run and I asked, “Would it be bad for me to tell you to go elf yourself?” 

Maybe it was the fact I was wearing a costume for the first time, or more likely the bow I tied to my head (who am I?) was cutting off circulation to my brain only leaving the crabby parts exposed, but it was not my day for good running.

Logistics:  Since UPS isn’t the one one concerned about handling logistics, I have to give Renegade a super shout out for nailing all of the finer points – solid registration process, on-time race start, great parking (right down the street even 30 minutes before the race started), good amount of port-a-potties, etc.

The one thing they couldn’t control was the weather.  As we were walking to the starting area we kept asking, “Is there a heater somewhere?” then realized it was actually crazy hot Santa Ana winds kicking up.


In retrospect, the long sleeve shirt was TOTAL and complete overkill…why yes, that is my swimsuit with a fuzzy boa hand sewn on and a “For that Special Someone” tag to go with Buddy the Elf

Race:  The race itself takes place on the local running trails.  It got pretty crowded in pockets (particularly the beginning), but for the most part it was fairly smooths sailing.  *A word for those really trying to PR, get to the front of the starting corral because the first half mile can be really crowded.*  I had to ditch strawberry about .2 mile in because it was too hard to play Frogger through the crowds together…it was best for each of us to go solo.

For the 10k there are a lot of out and backs and turn arounds which make the race pretty interesting.  You can see everyone hustling along (including the guy who won the 10k, easily beating out many of the 5ker’s in the process…who runs that fast?!?!)  In addition, there was a lot of water, which was a fabulous thing given that it was hot and windy.

As far as my personal racing went – ehhh….so-so.  I went out too fast (surprising absolutely no one) to get out of the crowds, and then settled in a slightly uncomfortable “I’m out of shape” pace.  Then around mile 5, I just flat out tanked.  It was uphill, into the wind and I kind of just wanted to be in bed reading a book right about then, which is not my typical 5-mile in run attitude.  Eventually I realized I missed the 5-mile marker and was all disoriented as to how far I had left to go (I didn’t wear a watch or Garmin).  2 women passed me and I told them to have fun….then looked up to 5 seconds later to see the 6 mile marker.


I felt like a total jerk wad, but I ended up sprinting right there at that moment to catch up and pass them at the end (I might not be PRing, but do like to compete) on my way to the kids and some cool shade.

Vanilla’s age wasn’t recorded correctly in the registration (oops, my bad!) or he would have placed 2nd in his age group – so kuddos to him on a fun, fabulous finish! Chocolate ran the Kid’s Run and took home a 3rd place finish making his little elf feet very happy.

Strawberry was bummed he didn’t PR (he still ran a 24), but he did have fun no less – I mean how could you not in that custom made Buddy the Elf costume?  We had other costumes in the group including the Grinch and Max the Dog and a DJing elf.  Apparently I can be very crafty and sew, paint and design costumes like a champ, who knew?

The Grinch and Max the Dog

The Grinch and Max the Dog

I totally stole this pic from Heather since mine all kept turning out blurry.

I totally stole this pic from Heather since mine all kept turning out blurry.

Post-Race Fun:  As soon as everyone finished the race (and I mean everyone) you got a super cute Santa medal.  After the race was a great costume contest and lots of things to do/see (snacks, a photo booth, pictures with Santa, etc.).  We cruised around for a bit waiting for the kids race (which was a long time to wait).  We didn’t win any of the costume contests, but Strawberry was thrilled to have a large captive audience to watch him do the worm while they were voting for him.

Overall, the family gives this race a 5 out of 5 candy canes on the Christmas race scale.  The crowds were big enough to make it exciting – very family friendly and well-run.  I think it will be on the list again for next year!