I’m Ba-a-a-ack

10 miles
Yep, weekly total…Sad, Sad Strides

Wonder where I’ve been the last week?  Let me share a little remake of a song to explain:

It’s been one week since you sneezed on me,
Gave me strep throat and sip on my green tea.
Five days since I got the flu,
Fever after fever and chronic fatigue too.
Three days since I got to run,
Watching Boston training go, and realize there’s been none.
Yesterday the fever’s gone,
But it will be two weeks before I finally get a good run.

Yep, the hazmat suit didn’t work and my week looked a lot like this:

IMG_2958Back in December, when I got the famed, 100 days until Boston email I was all gung ho, printed out my training plan (who am I?), stocked up on Nuun and energy gels and was ready to rock it from here to April.

I had my hopes pinned on this….


Instead, it’s been set back after set back after setback.  Hurt feet, onslaught of flu viruses, sick kids, sick me, etc.  Instead of sipping electrolytes to hydrate before, during or after long runs – I’m pounding it to stay hydrated from relentless fevers. My long run weekends have capped out at 14.  And I have 7 weeks until the race.

I think it’s time for me to officially say goodbye to my 3:20-something goal to ring in my 32nd birthday.

So I need your advice.

How do I get back on track?  

How do I adjust marathon training when I know my body’s nowhere near 100%?  

Can I get from a 14 mile base to marathon ready in 7 weeks?

True Confession Thursday: The Absent-Minded Professor

5 Miles
Hacking Strides

At 6am yesterday morning and put together a “to do” list for the day.  I quickly stashed the paper away so as not to lose it.  As the day wore on, I couldn’t figure out where in the world I put that stupid piece of paper.  I worked and was in mile 4 out of 5 before I remembered where the stupid paper was.


Somewhere around mile 4.25 in a 5 mile run I couldn’t figure out why my chest was all scratchy.

The run itself was a total boneheaded move as I have had a craptastic cough on and off all week and it went all kamikaze on me last night and this morning.  During a period of Robitussin reprieve I thought I felt good enough to squeeze a few miles in on my way to picking up the boys from school this evening.

Stupid move.

I fought the cough and the cough won.  This girl’s gotta remember that running is okay if it’s in the neck and above, but when the cold’s in the chest – keep the running shoes off the toesies.

Snuggle sesh!

Luckily Vanilla and Chocolate were down for a snuggle sesh before bed to help make up for the day’s stupidity.  Apparently there’s nothing that some nightly nestling from showered and pajamaed 5 year-olds can’t fix.

What have you literally lost “right under your nose”?
When do you know when to run and when to cut it out when you’re under the weather?